Shogo Tanaka's Psychology & Philosophy Lab.


May, 17, 2021 New Book
The new book "Body Schema and Body Image: New Directions" that I co-edited with Dr. Yochai Ataria (Tel-Hai College) and Dr. Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis) will be published from Oxford University Press on July 1st!
Mar, 01, 2021 Conference video
I gave a talk in the "What's Next: The Future of Embodiment" conference on February 28th. Here you can watch all talks including mine. Enjoy!
Feb, 01, 2021 new article published
My new article "When body image takes over the body schema: The case of Frantz Fanon"(co-authored with Dr. Yochai Ataria) is published in "Human Studies." Ataria, Y. & Tanaka, S. (2020). When Body Image Takes over the Body Schema: The Case of Frantz Fanon. Human Studies, 43, 653-665.
Nov, 12, 2020 co-authored book published
"Time and Body: Phenomenological and Psychopathological Approaches" (edited by Christian Tewes and Giovanni Stanghellini) is published from Cambridge U.P. I also contributed a chapter: "Chapter 8: Body-as-Object in Social Situations: Toward a Phenomenology of Social Anxiety" (pp. 150-169).
Nov, 09, 2020 Our website opened.
Our website opened.